A selection of original videos produced by Hong Kong Baptist University journalism students in their introductory multiplatform journalism class.

Check out the dancing Siu Twinz, the fabulous drag queen Coco Pop, Hong Kong’s only centenarian ice cream vendor, a Russian street artist, young musicians and entrepreneurs and more colourful and inspiring people from the city of Hong Kong.

The Young Reporter

A news publication run by International Journalism students since 1969
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Feed Magazine

MA in International Journalism students

cover political, cultural, economic and social issues

in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the greater China region

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Dispatches from the DPRK

Articles, photos and videos

from HKBU journalism students

in North Korea

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Germany Reports

HKBU Journalism students

cover stories from Berlin and Leipzig

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HKBU.JOURNALISM features publications by undergraduate and master’s international journalism students at Hong Kong Baptist University.


TYR is an online and print news publication run by students of International Journalism since 1969. The magazine covers news and issues in Hong Kong.

Feed Magazine is an online news magazine managed by and featuring stories by MA in International Journalism students.

Dispatches is a special report featuring multimedia stories from North Korea by HKBU journalism students

The Germany Reports is a collection of stories reported from Berlin and Leipzig by HKBU journalism students

Hong Kong is Not a Good Place to Die

Not only does the city lack burial sites, it has also begun to run out of space for cremated ashes.

School children in North Korean kindergrarten prepare for war

The moral of the lessons is to hate and beat the enemies.

North Koreans in High Heels

High-heeled boots, stilettos, kitten heels, wedges and platforms in Pyongyang.

‘Petty Person’ Beater Fights Evil in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay

She will beat your rivals and burn them to ashes.

Escape to the Land of Hope

A rainy night was the best time to  sneak across the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border.

East Germany’s only car

The unreliable Trabant is now a nostalgic collector’s item.