By Fred Lai, Sharon Shi

A group of six university students held their own concert in their campus.

The band, called 2/F Rooftop Garden, is the first mainland Chinese student band at Hong Kong University, consisting of six members: one vocal, one rhythm guitar and a lead guitar, one bass, a drummer and a keyboard.

Last November, they gave a performance in the [Landman Plan] Band-Show Concert.

Though gaining a popularity on the campus, the band still has their concerns about the future. As two of the members will go to exchange next year and one is going to graduate and start working, it would be much more difficult for them to continue the band, they said. Tight time schedule, pressure of working and studying, uncertainties get in their way to a brighter future. The concert may be or may not be, their last performance.

As their manager said after the show, quoting the song My My, Hey Hey by Neil Young, “Rock and roll is here to stay. It is better to burn out than to fade away”. For them, the spirit of rock music never dies, and it is never forgotten.