By Lindsy Long

In March 2012, 17-year-old Karen Choi Chong-ki passed the Figure Skating Technical Level 4 and became a member of Hong Kong Figure Skating Youth National Team.

After five years’ hard working, she eventually achieved the dream of being a professional figure skater.

At the same time, Karen is also a grade 6 student of St. Rose of Lima’s College.

For this young girl, life is not just about studying. Having a balance between studying and training is what she has been doing since she was 12. She has devoted almost every minute of her spear time in this beautiful art.

On the ice, Karen says she is the Princess Elsa (character in the movie “Frozen”), who has the magic power to play the snow and ice.

She jumps, spins and dances; she draws elegant patterns with her body; she catches the speed of the wind.

Off the ice, she is just a normal secondary school student who loves to watch Japanese dramas and surf the Internet, especially Facebook “to know what’s happening with others.”

Glacier is a narrative story documenting a young figure skater’s life. Character-driven documented in a few weeks, we witnessed an optimistic and hard-working girl’s busy life. Instead of being frustrated, weary or complaining, she’s always smiling and full of energy.

“She’s such a sweet girl”, her coach said. “It’s really unusual for a young girl like her to be that devoted.”

In several months, Karen will face her Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, after which she will become a university student.

Even though she has to spend more than ten hours on the ice each week, she still feels confident about her up-coming examinations and study pressure as she knows how to manage her time, she said.

“You can get it if you really want it,” she said.