By Jon Chan, Arisa Lai & Rainie Lam

Young Night Drifters is a term used by the Hong Kong Government to refer to adolescents who hang around aimlessly on the streets at night. Generally, they have the reputation as uneducated troublemakers not contributing to society.

In this video story, we document a typical night in 20-year-old Siu Wai-man, Ray’s life. Ray often spends his nights hanging around basketball courts with his friends. Apart from playing basketball, Ray also plays poker games and drinks alcohol with them. In the video, he talks about why he enjoys living such a life and the reasons behind his decision to often be active at night

Ray says he is considered by others as a YND, but Ray is a full-time student at Shue Yan University, majoring in Business Administration. The latter part of the video showcases Ray’s identity as a university student. Ray says contrary to popular belief, he seldom skips class and revises in the library.

Ray hopes that people can stop stereotyping night drifters, as not all of them are bad people or gangsters.